Artisans of India crafting treasures
for your home.

Discover India's tribal and folk artistry in every piece of our handcrafted home decor.

Welcome to Greenflip

A handicraft brand that brings you the best of Indian tribal and folk artistry. Each piece of our handcrafted home decor is a masterpiece, showcasing the rich heritage and vibrant culture of India.

Discover the beauty of India's traditional crafts in every piece of our collection. From intricate engraving, illustration, embroidery to vibrant blue pottery, our home decor items are a testament to the skill and artistry of Indian artisans. These products are made with natural and sustainable materials.

Shop with us today and bring home a piece of India's cultural heritage.

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  • Our purpose

    At Greenflip, we are passionate about preserving India's traditional handicrafts and empowering our skilled artisans.

  • Everyone thrives

    Each purchase you make supports livelihood of artisans and helps keep these time-honored traditions alive.

  • Keeping the planet healthy

    Our products are made with natural and sustainable materials. We make sincere efforts to use recycled packaging to ship our products.


Blue pottery coaster

Bring elegance to your table with this decorative Lotus flower style coasters.

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Tea light holder

Matsya Tea light holder

Radiating artisanal charm, this hand-crafted Matsya wooden tea light holder brings a touch of Jaipur's rich culture to any home decor!

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Green leaf Diya

Fabulous and functional, a set of 5 blue diyas perfect for styling, for daily puja and for festivities!

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