Greenflip Story

India boasts of a rich cultural heritage, replete with thriving traditions and exquisite traditional art forms. Traveling across the country would acquaint one with a plethora of hand looms and artworks that have been breathing in the nation for centuries. Even as a child, I had a keen eye for art and, in my adulthood, I have never missed an opportunity to revel in the precious gifts of traditional art.

During my first job, I was entrusted with a project to document the lives of the Gond and Pardhi tribes in the urban slums. The tribal communities face social stigma and most of them make a living collecting waste. Oftentimes, they are tagged as the criminal tribe. The experience left a deep impression on my mind.

The Government of India, in its endeavor to promote a more inclusive society, conducts exhibitions and skill development workshops for tribal and folk artisans. It was at one such event that I chanced upon Tulsi, a tribal artist from Madhya Pradesh. Her work on the Gond style of painting was captivating, and what intrigued me even more was that she and her brother, Anil, were experimenting with painting on T-shirts and apparel. Their artistry left me inspired, and I was keen on having a wall in my home adorned with a mural by a Gond artist.

Weeks later, I commissioned Anil to paint a wall mural for me, and he stayed with my family for three days to complete the artwork. He was given complete creative freedom to narrate folklore through his tribal art. This experience revealed to me my true calling, and I set out to meet various artists across India who worked with different materials like cotton, bamboo, ceramic, terracotta, metal, marble, wood, black clay, wool, canvas, and more to create beautiful home decor pieces.

At Greenflip, our objective is to create an ecosystem that helps tribal and folk artists thrive by sharing their stories through art, music, dance, and even digital expressions. We invite everyone to participate by purchasing a piece of tribal art. Our larger dream is to make these beautiful artworks accessible to people across the globe, and to have a piece of Indian craftsmanship adorn every corner of the world.